What To Do If An Emergency Vehicle is Approaching


However long you may have been driving if an emergency vehicle is approaching it can still panic you with its blue flashing lights and loud sirens. The first thing you should think is how to move out the way as safely and conveniently as possible however many drivers don’t know exactly what they should do […]

Van Driving and Advice


Driving a van can be a relatively easy and stress-free experience if you’re an experienced car driver. However, while many of the skills learnt on the road over the years can be simply translated to a bigger vehicle, driving a van is still a very different experience. Here at RightSure we’ll provide a few pointers […]

The RightSure Blog – Try a Green Barbecue


We have just had the hottest weekend of the year and up and down the country barbecues will have been taken from sheds and garages, dusted down and prepared for cooking all kinds of meat. Barbecues have moved on in recent years and you can pay a lot of money for a top of the […]

The RightSure Blog – Treating Mildew


Treating mildew can be a bit of a pain, If you notice that you have mildew on the walls in your home, then you should act quickly as left untreated, you may well have a health issue on your hands. It is quite common to see mildew on interior walls. It is a fungus which […]

The RightSure Blog – Spring Clean your Home Insurance


At this time of the year, it’s not only your house that could do with a spring clean. Now is a great time to make sure your insurance meets your needs. It’s advisable to keep your insurer up-to-date with any changes in your circumstances. Here are 6 simple questions to ask yourself: Got a new […]

Make Some New Year’s Resolutions For The Home


Just after Christmas every year, people make New Year resolutions in an effort to improve themselves. It may involve taking more exercise, drinking a lot less and quitting smoking, all of which are easily made and easily broken promises. Indeed once the initial enthusiasm wears off, not many can really claim to stick to the […]

Is Your Home Winter Ready?


Make sure that your home is winter ready. It’s all so easy to assume that because everything is working at the moment, that there won’t be an issue. Prepare Tidy up the garden – Trampolines, toys and garden furniture can become dangerous, especially in windy weather. Not only to your house but also your neighbours. […]

The RightSure Blog – Cool that bedroom down


The advent of summer is now well and truly underway but long hot summer nights are still something to enjoy or endure for the next couple of months. It would be wonderful to bring the sunlight and breeze into your bedroom not only through open windows but also through the use of colour. In general, […]

The RightSure Blog – Condensation and how to stop it


What causes condensation and how to stop it Condensation is one of the most common seasonal issues facing British homeowners, with one in five British homes experiencing condensation related problems during the winter months. What’s more, it’s estimated that around 70% of damp problems can be attributed to condensation. It doesn’t matter whether you live […]

New Provider of Van Windscreen Replacement Cover


Get Windscreen Replacement Cover for Your Van for just £46.20 Bedford Insurance has recently started working with a new supplier of Windscreen & Glass cover for cars and vans. At a fixed price of £46.20 you can add protection to the windows and windscreen of your van to the value of £300.00. Please note that this […]