The RightSure Blog – Spring Clean your Home Insurance

At this time of the year, it’s not only your house that could do with a spring clean. Now is a great time to make sure your insurance meets your needs. It’s advisable to keep your insurer up-to-date with any changes in your circumstances.

Here are 6 simple questions to ask yourself:

  1. Got a new job? Congratulations! Once you’ve got your first day out of the way, call your insurer. Different occupations will have an effect on your policy. For instance, if your new job involves you being away from your house for long periods of time, this could put your home’s security at risk.
  2. Had/thinking about building works? Before any works are undertaken at your property, contact your insurer. With works taking place, this can increase the risk to your home. Once the works have been completed, it’s worth getting back in contact with your insurer.
  3. New windows fitted? One of the main benefits of having new windows fitted is energy cost savings. You may also benefit from increased security and added value to your home. Your insurer may see your property as less of a risk and reduce your premium.
  4. Received/given expensive gifts? New tech to jewellery can all increase the total value of possessions within your property, regardless if they are a gift or a treat for you and your family. The value may exceed the agreed value of your home contents so it’s worth calling your insurer to update them on this.
  5. Moving house? A new house will more than likely to be very different from your previous home and will need re-assessing.
  6. Shop around? Why bother? We’ve done all the running around for you. We work with some of the most trusted and reliable insurers to help you compare the market to find a great deal on your insurance. Simply click on the button below.

While all of these can affect your home insurance policy, it is not an extensive list.

We protect your happy place. Why not get a quote and see how much you can save?

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