Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Make sure that your home is winter ready. It’s all so easy to assume that because everything is working at the moment, that there won’t be an issue.


Tidy up the garden – Trampolines, toys and garden furniture can become dangerous, especially in windy weather. Not only to your house but also your neighbours. It’s also worth taking the time to prune any trees or bushes. This will reduce the build-up of leaves on your property.

Clearing your gutters – Autumn leaves look lovely, but the falling leaves can cause havoc in your gutters and drainpipes.

Up on the roof – Check for any loose slates, tiles and flashing.

Pipes – Make sure that water pipes and tanks are well insulated. Not only does it protect them from freezing but will help save you money on your hot water system.

If you are going away over the Christmas period, make sure your house alarm is set, lights are on a timer to come on in the evening and move valuable belongings out of sight. Christmas is easy pickings for thieves.

Make sure that boxes from Christmas presents, Games consoles, bikes and TV boxes are not left by the side of your recycling bins. Thieves will notice!

Make sure you’re insured – Building insurance offers you peace of mind. Make sure your policy is up-to-date and covers you for what you need. Whether it’s buildings, contents or both, we can help.

Home emergency tips

Power cuts – The Energy Networks Association will update on power cuts in your area. The best way of contacting them is by calling 105 or checking with your energy supplier. For more information click here.

Gas leak – Contact your gas supplier if you have any issues. You can find out who your supplier is by clicking here.

Flooding – Keep an eye on the government’s flood warning information service, especially in low lying areas. There are three levels of warning. Prepare, Act and Survive. Move things upstairs, get your family and pets to a safe area and call 999 if you are in immediate danger are advised across the different levels. For more information on what to do in a flood, click here.

If you need home insurance, then get a quote from us today. We also offer a great range of optional extras for some added peace of mind, at a price you’ll love.

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