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Why do I need home insurance?

Your home is special to you. Your happy place. It represents you and your unique family. Protect your property and contents with comprehensive cover from our panel of insurers.

Getting a great deal on your home insurance doesn’t need to be another thing added to your “to-do list” that you never get around till it’s too late. Our Home Insurance experts are on hand to find you a comprehensive policy from our trusted and reliable insurers.

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What do I need to get a home insurance quote?

As well as saving money on your insurance, you can save time getting a quote by having the following information ready:

  • Your property’s build date – you’ll find the actual date in your mortgage survey
  • The date your house was bought and when you moved in
  • Which locks and alarms are fitted
  • Details of any claims and costs made in the last five years
  • The rebuild cost of your home – if unsure of this click here
  • The total cost of your personal items
  • Details of items worth over £1,000 that you wish to insure

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance falls into these main categories:

  • Buildings Insurance (also known as Household Insurance) – If you’re a homeowner or about to take that next step, then you should consider a buildings insurance policy. Although it’s not a legal requirement, some mortgage lenders may insist that you have at least a buildings insurance policy in place, to cover the property. Buildings cover insures your bricks and mortar against damage from specific events such as fire, flood and subsidence.
  • Contents Insurance – This provides cover in the event of a fire, theft or flood. This cover is designed to protect your belongings. Personal belongings are items that you ordinarilly take with you when you move home.
  • Combined Insurance (also known as Buildings and Contents Insurance) – Usually only suitable if you own your own home – this will insure your property against damage but also cover your belongings in the house under the same insurance policy. You can also add optional extras to your policy such as home emergency cover and legal cover, but you may find that some providers cover these as standard.
  • Accidental damage cover is another extra worth considering as it covers unintentional one-off incidents that harm your property or its contents, such as putting your foot through the floor when you’re searching around in the loft or spilling wine on the carpet.

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