Make Some New Year’s Resolutions For The Home

Just after Christmas every year, people make New Year resolutions in an effort to improve themselves. It may involve taking more exercise, drinking a lot less and quitting smoking, all of which are easily made and easily broken promises. Indeed once the initial enthusiasm wears off, not many can really claim to stick to the resolutions. New Year’s resolutions do not just have to be about people though, why not make some resolutions to improve your home?

Keep it simple!

They do not have to be big expensive projects either, although the goal of a new conservatory will need a reduction in spending it is an excellent reward. Most other projects will require very little time and expense so why not make some resolutions for the home.

“Up on the Roof”

Don’t neglect the roof and carry out a visual inspection, taking note of any missing or loose tiles along with any leaking or blocked guttering. Taking early action via maintenance will save a possibly large bill later on down the road, not to mention the potential for considerable damage to the interior of the home. It will also avoid a homeowner making an unnecessary claim on their household insurance.

Regular maintenance of the properties heating system will make sure that it’s working at peak efficiency, plus it will help cut down on the risk of any costly breakdowns or even worse, poisonous fume leaks which can threaten all the occupants of the home. If the home does not already have them, think about fitting some immersion tanks and radiator thermostats which will help save some money on the energy bills. Loft insulation is relatively straightforward and more importantly cheap, the savings though can be massive. Lagging the hot water pipes will make sure no energy is being wasted.

Keep the cold out.

Hang a curtain over all the exit doors and use draught excluders around old door frames, not forgetting the letterbox. Old windows will also need some attention. DIY stores have an array of draught excluding products to seal old windows; these include strips that fit around window openers and films that fit over the glass and window frame. Replace any loose or missing putty on the outside of the windows and use sealants around the frame. If it is possible, think about the long term and consider replacing any old windows and doors with double glazed units.

New Year’s Resolution to save some money…

The festive period can be expensive, so why not see how much you can save on your insurance? If your new year’s resolution is to save money, then re-evaluation your insurance needs is a way to save some pennies and even get more protection. Whether it’s car, van or home insurance, let us find the best insurance quotes from a wide range of leading and most trusted UK insurers.

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