The RightSure Blog – Treating Mildew

Treating mildew can be a bit of a pain, If you notice that you have mildew on the walls in your home, then you should act quickly as left untreated, you may well have a health issue on your hands.

It is quite common to see mildew on interior walls. It is a fungus which is a greeny/brown colour, and will generally be in the corner of a wall near the ceiling in a small bathroom and can even grow in a room that gets a lot of sunshine.

Mildew is not healthy to breathe in and more often than not you will notice a musty smell in the room, the good news is mildew is very easy to remove. If you are renting your property you should still mention it to your landlord as it is their responsibility and they will probably have landlord insurance that will cover the cost of the treatment.

Mildew is often mistaken for mould and vice versa but in fact, although they have much in common, they are different types of fungi, and will often be different in both colour and texture. The reason they are often mentioned together is because both mould/mildew grow in a lot of the same moist and warm locations in the home. However mildew is found a lot more often than mould.

To remove mildew you will need the following items, and chances are you will already have them around the house. A bucket, a soft bristle scrubbing brush, a rag, a pair of rubber gloves, goggles to protect your eyes, bleach/detergent and some warm water.

First job is to prepare the room. Open all the windows in the room and if you have any fans in the room, turn them on. This is because mildew is very strong smelling, and so will the solution you will have to make to clean the area of mildew. It is for your own health to make sure that proper ventilation of the room is carried out and protection for yourself is vital. Put on rubber gloves, and wear clothes with long sleeves, also wear goggles, if you are removing mildew from a ceiling the goggles will give the protection needed. Next, in your bucket you will need to mix a quarter cup of bleach and a capful of washing detergent into warm water. Dip the soft bristle scrubbing brush into the solution, and then gently scrub at the mildew until it disappears. Make sure not to scrub too hard, if you do you may remove paint from the wall or ceiling. Finally take a clean rag, soak it in clean water and wash the area. You can let the air dry the area or use a fresh dry rag to pat it dry.

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