Ancient Egyptians Equivalent to Today’s Burger Van


It turns out that the Ancient Egyptians had ancient burger vans just like us, although we are pretty certain they didn’t have to cover their vehicles with some sort of commercial vehicle insurance! The Discovery Archaeologists have uncovered remains of a huge catering operation for those who were building the pyramids at Giza. They have predicted […]

The RightSure Blog – A faulty air conditioning system can get right up your nose


Having air conditioning in a vehicle has been a great bonus for thousands of drivers. However, the system does need servicing at regular intervals. Bad smells in an air conditioner can be really unpleasant. Many drivers and passengers will have experienced this problem when turning on the air conditioning hoping to get cool fresh air […]

The RightSure Blog – 4 Ways to Spruce up your Livery for Spring


After many weeks of rain, wind and even snow, spring is finally on its way, meaning the days are getting longer, the weather is slightly warmer and (dare we say it?) there is a tad more sunshine. In this new light you may start to notice that your van’s livery is starting to look a […]

The RightSure Blog – Purchasing a Minibus


Minibuses can be very useful vehicles to own when you’re looking to transport large groups of people on a regular basis. Obviously, a necessity for many schools and popular with sports teams, clubs and associations, if you’re looking to purchase a minibus, there are certain things that need to be considered, as with the purchase […]

The RightSure Blog – Long Haul Journeys


For many, a long haul journey in a lorry will often be something that they are used to as that is the business they are working in. But what happens if it is a one-off journey for you in terms of work? Well, the best thing to do it make sure that you are properly […]

The RightSure Blog – A Guide to Car Insurance Cover

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Which type of car insurance do you require? There are three levels of car insurance cover – third party; third party, fire and theft; and fully comprehensive. When purchasing car insurance it’s important to choose the option which will afford you the cover that you need. The three levels of motor insurance cover are described […]

The RightSure Blog – Carry on and keep calm


It takes something special for the average law abiding motorist in the UK to risk his licence and an inflated motor insurance claim due to frustration, but according to a survey carried out for a leading car insurance comparison site that is exactly what many of us do when confronted by a s-l-o-w driver. Slow […]

10 Things To Remember To Avoid Home Thefts


Below are 10 practises to use to avoid becoming a victim of home theft. Lock the windows.Make sure all of your windows are locked as you are leaving your home. Lock the doors.Make sure all of your doors are locked as you are leaving your home. Turn on the home security alarm.Ensure that your alarm […]