The RightSure Blog – Is the ‘Peel and Steal’ craze on the rise as we go into the Winter months?

In recent years, the number of van tool thefts in the UK has been on the increase; putting many tradespeople out of work. We want to help our customers avoid this kind of incident by increasing the physical security for their vehicles and tools and by looking into insurance policies that could help you if you ever were a victim of a ‘Peel and Steal’ crime.

What is ‘Peel and Steal’?

There are criminals in many areas throughout the UK including the West Midlands, Wales and Yorkshire that are using this method to break into vans to steal the contents from inside whilst causing a great deal of damage to the van in the process.

By applying a great deal of pressure to the middle of the van doors, the criminals are able to pull down on the top of the sliding door and peel it away far enough to gain access to the vehicle. When this craze first began at the beginning of the year it was reported that in some areas, this type of theft was taking place at least 6 times a day.

If this craze is on the rise yet again we hope that we can give our customers enough warning so that they can put the correct safety measures into place.

How to improve your van security

There are a number of actions that you can take to prevent your tools from getting stolen out of your van. These solutions vary in cost but that doesn’t mean that the most expensive will provide you with a guarantee, as each vehicle will have different levels of risk.

Where are you leaving your van?

If you leave your van on a well-lit and busy road you will be making it difficult for any burglars to steal your tools without getting caught. Whereas if you’re parking your van down a very quiet and dimly lit road with very little access you may make your vehicle seem much more appealing to criminals compared to other vehicles.

Invest in alarms and burglar deterrents

If you feel that you are leaving your van at risk this is one of the first steps to take. Although this method does come at a cost the burglars will soon be gone once they trigger that alarm, hopefully before too much damage has been done.

There are different levels of security that can prevent your tools from being stolen whilst also adding additional protection to your vehicle:

Alarm & Immobiliser
Basic Alarm
ADR Alarm
Electronic GPS Trackers
Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Locks

Don’t leave your tools vulnerable

If you have the option to leave your tools in a more secure location such as a lock-up or a garage then do so. No, this will not stop criminals from breaking into your van and causing damage to your vehicle but they will have nothing to steal once they have got in.

Does my van insurance policy cover tool theft?

If you are a current RightSure customer and fear that your tools are at risk of being stolen we would strongly advise reviewing your policy documents or calling a member of our team to find out exactly what is covered under your insurance policy.

If you are not currently covered under your van insurance policy we do offer a number of insurance extras for you to choose from. By offering insurance extras as an option rather than building them into your policy, it allows us to offer you competitive premiums with the option to pay an additional fee if you feel the need for additional protection. For just £52.99 per year, we can protect your tools in transit up to the value of £1000.

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