10 Things To Remember To Avoid Home Thefts

Below are 10 practises to use to avoid becoming a victim of home theft.

  1. Lock the windows.
    Make sure all of your windows are locked as you are leaving your home.
  2. Lock the doors.
    Make sure all of your doors are locked as you are leaving your home.
  3. Turn on the home security alarm.
    Ensure that your alarm is turned on as you leave your home (if you have an alarm).
  4. Use a visual or audio deterrent.
    At night, leave on a light, radio or TV for background noise to deter prying thieves from entering your home.
  5. Park your car visibly.
    Have a parked car in your driveway to deter prying thieves by giving the impression that someone is home.
  6. Have your keys
    Ensure that when you are leaving the house, that there are no keys left in the door.
  7. Hide your spare key well.
    Be security savvy. Don’t leave your spare key in an obvious place where people may find it.
  8. Be aware of your living environment.
    Ask neighbours to look out for any unusual neighbourhood activity. Participating in a neighbourhood watch scheme is ideal for the local community to look out for each other.
  9. Secure your belongings.
    You can improve your home contents security by storing your items in a shed, by having a security fence or having a secure chain.
  10. Don’t tempt thieves.
    Don’t place valuable items such as laptops, TV’s, camera’s and money in plain view plain sight for the public to see.

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