The RightSure Blog – A faulty air conditioning system can get right up your nose

Having air conditioning in a vehicle has been a great bonus for thousands of drivers. However, the system does need servicing at regular intervals. Bad smells in an air conditioner can be really unpleasant. Many drivers and passengers will have experienced this problem when turning on the air conditioning hoping to get cool fresh air and instead having the vehicle invaded by what smells like body odour or sometimes much worse.

Delivery drivers in a van covered by commercial vehicle insurance do not want to be driving for eight hours a day in a vehicle with a smell coming from the air conditioner. The mildew smell coming from the air conditioning system may be caused by a fungus growth inside the vehicles air conditioning system. As this smell goes through the inside of the vehicle it can be absorbed into both the seats and the carpets of the car.

Knowing what has caused the smell can help prevent the smell from coming back. The bad smell will often start by using a drive-through car wash with the air conditioner on the setting which allows the intake of air from outside. This will allow the water to be splashed in through the air vents around the windscreen wiper area. To eradicate the chances of this happening turn the air off completely or put it on the re-circulate setting, this will prevent any dirty water from outside getting into the air conditioning system.

Run the vehicles air conditioner on a regular setting as much as possible instead of using it on maximum. Having it on maximum often creates moisture inside the system. If the max setting has to be used, it is always best to turn it down shortly before the vehicle will be turned off. Doing this will give the system time to dry out, and will prevent the mildew from forming. Buy a spray that helps to eliminates smells and purifies the air; these are available at numerous stores. These are made especially for cleaning the air conditioning in the vehicle. Spray into the outside and the inside air conditioner vents to get rid of the smell. By doing this just once a year it could prevent nasty smells from returning.

As with other systems of the car that are serviced on a regular basis, the same should be done with the air conditioning system. Having a yearly servicing of the vehicles air conditioning system will guard against any problems in the compressor and other vital parts of the system. Having regular maintenance will save hard-earned money which can be spent on something else.

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