The RightSure Blog – Could you get cheaper car insurance by taking a cycle awareness course?

Not yet, but under new proposals by the Department for Transport (DfT), UK drivers could earn a reduction on their premiums by taking new cycle awareness course. The new plans come after a sharp increase in fatalities in 2017. The plans are part of a wider, 2-year project by the DfT, looking at 50 different measures to improve the safety for pedestrians and cyclist on UK roads.

Some of the other schemes and proposals include changes to the Highway Code, No-parking zones in cycle lanes and online portal allowing road users to submit dashcam and helmet cam footage.

The new online portal comes off the back of a pilot scheme carried out by North Wales Police in October 2016. By August last year, 129 cases had been dealt with using footage from dash or helmet cams.

The proposed plans are part of the Government’s ‘Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy’, published in April 2017, set out to make cycling and walking the natural choices for shorter journeys. Under the new plans, drivers who complete the ‘Bikeability’ training courses should be offered a reduced premium for taking part.

The new measures are part of the government’s plan to combat road rage, encourage great mutual respect between road users and protect the most vulnerable. With these new measures, Councils will be encouraged to spend around 15% of their local transport infrastructure funding on walking and cycle.

Would you be encouraged to take part in a training course to get a lower premium? Or are you a cyclist and don’t think these new measures go far enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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