Highway Code changes you probably weren’t aware of are set to take effect in 2022.

How long has it been since you read ‘The Highway Code’? Is it this week? Last year? When you took your driving test? Worse still, never! Continue reading if you responded “Yes” to any of the previous three questions. Following parliamentary approval, new Highway Code standards will take effect in 2022, providing more protection to […]

How to Winterize your home?


How to keep your home warm this winter. Autumn has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and winter is here. It feels like autumn has only just started. In recent weeks, the temperature has plummeted, and we are already seeing what this winter has in store for us with recent winter storms. […]

Make Your Fireworks or Bonfire Night Go Off With A Bang


Many fireworks displays have been cancelled for a second year running, due to the ongoing pandemic. Local displays usually attract thousands to their events and often raise valuable funds for a number of charities. However, organisers are citing the reason for cancellation is due to covid safety concerns. With organised local displays being cancelled, you […]

Can I Get Insurance for my E-Scooter?


Are you thinking of ditching your car for a greener mode of transport? Or maybe you no longer have a need for a car to do shorter journeys as you’re working from home? Research greener and affordable modes of transport, you may stumble across the trusty e-scooter.  Recently, e-scooters have received a lot of criticism, […]

What to do in a flood?


Torrential rain has brought flooding and travel disruption to the UK recently. It seems that every week, the Met Office issuing weather warnings for heavy rain or thunderstorms. But with forecasters predicting drier/sunnier (hard to believe recently) summers, and the typical British weather, flash flooding is on the increase. But what should you in a […]

Top 5 cars for first-time drivers

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But what do you look for in a first car if you’re a parent/guardian? We’ve put together a list of the top 5 cars for first-time drivers.

E10: What is E10 and how will it affect me and my vehicle?


A new government scheme is being introduced on September 1st with the aim of cutting carbon emissions. E10 will help to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to power the UK’s cars. Currently, the standard grade of petrol is E5 and is expected to be phased out in the coming years. But, what exactly […]

#FridayFive – Top 5 of The Best TV Homes


The #FridayFive is back. This week, we pick 5 of the top TV Homes. So many great TV shows with homes that we could have made a #FridayTen. We decided against it as it doesn’t have the same ring. Have a look through the list, let us know if we missed any of your favourites.  […]