Can I Get Insurance for my E-Scooter?

Are you thinking of ditching your car for a greener mode of transport? Or maybe you no longer have a need for a car to do shorter journeys as you’re working from home? Research greener and affordable modes of transport, you may stumble across the trusty e-scooter. 

Recently, e-scooters have received a lot of criticism, some of which is justified. Recently, there have been reports of gangs employing them for organised crime, trial schemes in London, and even deaths caused by irresponsible driving. However, despite these drawbacks, there are a number of advantages, including being reasonably eco-friendly, having cheap operating costs, and being ideal for shorter trips.

In November 2020, retailer Halfords saw a 184 percent year-on-year growth in e-scooter sales, with 28 percent indicating they would consider replacing their car with an e-scooter to “help the environment.”

However, there are also a few questions that are causing some uncertainty and muddying the waters. We spent some time looking through social media to respond to a few of them. Please note that the information is correct at the time of posting.

Are e-scooters legal? 

While it is currently legal to purchase an e-scooter, the law is clear that you cannot ride them on a UK public road, cycle lane or footpath and doing so are committing an offence.

What are the penalties for riding an electric scooter?

Those caught can face a £300 fixed penalty fine, six points on their driving licence or see the scooter impounded.

When will electric scooters be legal in UK?

Currently, only rental scooters are road legal. It’s expected that once trials of the rental scooters are complete that the Government will decide on whether the law needs changing or if privately owned scooters remain illegal.

Do I need a driving licence for an e-scooter?

Under the current trial, to rent an e-scooter, riders must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s licence (full or provisional).

When can I hire an electric scooter from?

There are a number of operators, depending on your area. Some operators include Dott Lime and TIER. A quick google search ‘Where can I rent a scooter near me?’ will show you trials near you. 

Are e-scooters better than bikes?

That depends on what you’re looking for in a mode of transport. There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning either. Both are eco-friendly modes of transport, cost effective and have a number of health benefits. For a great comparison, check out SwiftyScooters

Can you buy insurance for an e-scooter?

As privately owned electric scooters are not currently road legal, they cannot be insured. However, you can purchase insurance for use on private land.

Does RightSure offer insurance for electric scooters?

At the time of this blog being posted (October 2021) we have no plans but be certain to click here to check. 

In the meantime, let us find the best car insurance quotes from a wide range of leading and most trusted UK insurers.

For more info on the UK Government trial CLICK HERE

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