The RightSure Blog – Is your business winter ready?

Don’t let your business suffer – be winter ready. With our handy guide, we can help make sure that it won’t affect your day-to-day operation.


  • Put in place a bad weather plan. Bad weather can be a nightmare for employers and business owners. Logistics, safety hazards and resources can all be challenged during winter. So be sure to:
    • Cover that employees need to know that in the event of poor weather hitting that it will be open or closed for business and who to contact.
    • Create an Evacuation Plan. While you can’t plan for every eventuality it is worth considering what will happen if you need to leave your premises of business or regards to protecting your resources/stock/fleet etc.
    • Communication – Should you wake to find that extreme weather has set in and you believe there is a real threat to life of employees getting to work, consider how you will contact staff to advise. A simple group text or email is the easiest and quickest way to do so.
  • If employees can work from home, make sure they have the necessary access and tools to do their job.
  • Make sure that any backup systems that are in place are tested regularly.
  • Weather – Keeping up with the latest weather in your area for your business is as important as yourself. Knowing if extreme weather will strike in advance will allow you to prepare your employees, logistics and resources. The best place for weather warnings is The Met Office.
  • Insurance – Make sure that your business or liability insurance covers you in extreme weather. Need insurance or liability? Click Here

Tips in case of an emergency

  • Bad Weather Plan – Make sure you refer to your emergency plan.
  • If you need to leave your premises, make sure to unplug all non-essential appliances to protect from power surges.
  • Back-up valuable data or protect important paper documents.

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