The RightSure Blog – Insurance Specifications For Vans

Not all van insurance policies provide the same cover. As such it is important for van owners to research the different types of van policies on the market. Below we have provided details about insurance specifications for vans:

Van Types

It is ideal to find out if there are any insurance specifications required for different makes of vans or amongst the different van types. Your van type should fit into one of the following insurance categories.

  • Mini Van
  • Small Van
  • Transit Van

Van Make

It is best to state whether there is a specialty make with the van that needs to be specified.  For example, are the vans manufactured in the UK or was the van manufactured overseas? And if the van was manufactured overseas, are there any specifications with the make and model that needs to be addressed to the UK insurer that may affect any claims that could be made on the policy. For example; does the distance between the road and the bottom of the car and if it fits in with the UK requirements.

Occupation Type

The occupation and working environment that the van will be involved in will affect the van premium and policy requirements. Factors that will need to be considered include cargo, the amount of travel that the vehicle will be required to do and the amount of driving risk that is associated with the occupation.

Some of the common occupations associated with vans include:

  • Courier
  • Transit work
  • Trade Van

Things To Be Covered Against

It is in your best interest to ensure that your van and it’s accessories are covered against the following risks.

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Wear and Tear

Contact your insurer to find out if your van accessories will be included in your policy or whether you will need to get your insurance policy tailored. Furthermore, find out if there will be any additional excess that will associated with claims against your van accessories.

Van Accessories

There are common accessories that are included with your van policies that should be considered when getting your insurance policy. It is important to make sure that your cover is sufficient to protect the accessories that are on your vehicle. These may include the following:

  • Sat Nav
  • Racks
  • Van Lifts
  • Radio’s
  • Speed limiters
  • Air conditioning
  • Lights (LED lights, light covers)
  • Specialised motor goods (such as starter motors or alternators.)

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