The Benefits of a Clean Van

We all have great fun when we are stuck in traffic behind a dirty van trying to make out what the messages say that have been etched into the filth. This is all well and good but for those who are trying to operate a business using these vans, it’s doesn’t send out the greatest impression of the service that is being offered.


Whilst it’s important to look smart yourself when you’re out on a job, it should stand to reason that your van should also be kept clean and tidy. Something that is often overlooked by tradesman.

For instance, if you are a window cleaner, with a van that is covered in dirt, people may question the quality of the work you will be able to carry out for them. This in turn can hinder your business for something that can so easily be fixed.

Another issue may be for painters and decorators whose vans have the finger marks in the dirt around the doors. This can imply that the tradesman’s hands are dirty which again can be off putting as this is likely to be the person who will be hanging the wall paper. No one wants dirty finger prints on their wallpaper, especially when they are paying for the service.

Tip Top Condition

Taking your van to be cleaned every two weeks will definitely improve your brand image and mean that potential customers will have more faith in the work that you are offering and confident it will be completed to high standards.

Making sure the livery on your van is in top condition is also important. No matter how clean your van is, if there is paint work chipping off or peeling stickers this again gives a messy impression to the job you can carry out.

Pride and Joy

Have pride in your van. Not only by the way it looks but in the way it is driven and taken care of. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure it runs smoothly and should ensure that you can carry on with your business without any worries. If you have a diesel obviously keeping it clean will be slightly more work but will be worth it in the long run. Also by protecting your vehicle and the contents with commercial vehicle insurance will also help in those instances where, if the worst is to happen to your pride and joy you can carry on as usual.

Cleaning your vehicle

First appearances are everything in business. Not only is your brand image at stake but by keeping your van clean, its condition is being constantly monitored and any damage can be noted and/or addressed.

If you are looking to wash the vehicle yourself, make sure that you begin with a rinse. Use a pressure washer in addition to clean water to help the removal of a lot of the surface dirt and dust before soaping begins. Ensure that all areas of the paintwork are rinsed and that wheels and wheel arches are not ignored. To protect paintwork and remove the dirt, dust and grease it’s crucial to use a formulated fleet wash. If the pressure washer you are using has a hot water option, now is the perfect time to use that. The soap will hopefully froth up which, combined with the hot water, will dissolve any greasy residues.

Windows can get dirty quickly. Make sure that all the windows are cleaned and that the wheels also get soaked in soap suds. Once you are happy that the vehicle has been well washed with fleet wash, switch to the pressure washer to rinse well. It is pivotal at this point that all traces of soap are removed as otherwise streaks may ensue once the vehicle is dry. When the rinsing process is complete, only then should the vehicle be dried off and polished to a shine.

Overall a clean, well looked after van will improve brand image and will hopefully attract more customers. To sign up to your business which is always a good thing!

How clean is your company vehicle? Do you take it to a regular car wash, to a professional valet service, or do you clean it yourself?

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