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The RightSure Blog – Style Customisation – Could it be right for your van?

You would be forgiven for thinking that vehicle customisation is solely the territory of teen racers and rap stars.  Certainly, ‘pimping your ride’ (to borrow a term from the MTV programme) can result in an embarrassingly cheesy finish just as easily as a slick look.  Could customisation ever work for you, and for your van?

Firstly, forget any notions of coloured under lighting, pumping speakers and dark frosted windows.  Customisation options can be subtle, tasteful and elegant, whilst also adding a touch of individuality.  For business use, vans which appear individual and stylish can give off a great impression.  Making sure your vehicle looks the part is every bit as important as any other aspect of your business appearance.

So what are the options for current van owners?  There are hundreds of customisation options available on the market, but most excitingly, many can be created to your individual specification.

Starting with the most obvious, many companies offer custom paint jobs for the outside of your van.  Rather than blending in by driving a white or black van, custom painting offers one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd.  For even more personalisation, vinyl graphics can be applied to create any kind of design on your van.  From your company logo to your contact details or even photographs of previous work, graphics can be added to your exact specification.  The exterior of your van is an invaluable marketing space, and a great way to show off your professionalism.  Rather than displaying a white, dust-covered finish, adding some individuality to your paint work can be a fantastic enhancement.

The exterior isn’t everything, though.  A well-styled van looks great inside too, and there are ample ways to ensure this for your van.  It is possible to have entirely new seating fitted, for example, although this could be a costly venture.  More suitable, perhaps, are the numerous seating covers available in different sizes, colours, textures and styles.  With such a range on offer, it is easily possible to find sets which complement the exterior of your van, particularly if you have a strong brand image.  Your seats may well have seen better days, so seating covers are an excellent way to cover up any existing damage, as well as protect against future wear and tear.   Depending on your preference, you may even be able to find one which provides a bit more comfort for long journeys.

Going into deeper modifications, companies like Van Wonders offer body modification services.  Although these might not be so necessary for the average driver, if your business is style-orientated, services offered include additions of side bars, suspension lowering and window fitting and tinting.  You can even replace stock hub caps to create a truly stylish impression.

Of course, it is important not to go overboard with all of these modifications.  A stylish vehicle is fit for purpose, not over laden with unnecessary additions.  It can, though, be worth asking whether your purposes could benefit from a van that is stylish, rather than just one that is standard.

Whether or not you decide that style customisation is right for your vehicle, it is always important to get it covered with a good commercial vehicle insurance policy.

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