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The RightSure Blog – Sat Nav – the van driver’s friend

Perhaps when asking the average van driver in the UK for his idea of the greatest advancement in vans over the last 10 years, his answer would probably not have anything to do with the gears, the tyres, the interior design of the van or for that matter the many extras available in commercial vehicles these days such as MP3 players or air conditioning. The van driver who uses his vehicle to earn his living will undoubtedly say the GPS Satellite Navigation System, or Sat Nav as it widely known.

In the early days of Sat Navs, consumers were given very little choice of manufacturer or system, with TomTom and Garmin ruling the roost. Today’s van driver has almost as many choices of Sat Nav system as he has companies offering him commercial vehicle insurance quotes.

Navman, Snooper, Kenwood, Roadcom, the aforementioned TomTom and Garmin are just the tip of the iceberg. Drivers also have the choice to buy systems just for roads in the UK and Ireland or for the near continent which is obviously a boon for truckers who deal with countries in the EU. So it is most important to select the Sat Nav that is best suited to your needs. It is pointless buying a system that covers the world and gives real time traffic updates if you are using the device only when you go on your twice yearly fishing holiday, conversely if you run a delivery service in a busy metropolis then traffic alerts are going to be a feature well worth spending money on. One feature to look for in a Sat Nav is the size of the screen, is it big enough to read comfortably, and also is it bright enough to read? Some systems will have anti glare technology which will help in bright sunshine. Do you prefer the mapping to be angled 3D or plan? Both are available. Also do you want a female or male voice prompter?

A refurbished Sat Nav system can cost as little as £50, whereas the top of the range models that include Bluetooth technology, hands free kits and iPod controls can be as much as £800. Most motorists will find a system that covers their needs and gives traffic alerts and safety camera information should come in below £200.

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