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Your van is absolutely essential for your trade and securing it should be a priority. Without effective van security, your van and goods will be at risk from opportunist thieves. Van thefts have also been rife in recent months, or more specifically, catalytic converters have been vulnerable due to their high scrap value, and so it has become increasingly important to lock up your van and ensure it is secured and covered with a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy. 

Security Strategies

In order to keep your van secure at night it may be an idea to park it either underneath a street lamp, or in a secure garage as many vans that have been left in poorly lit streets and on driveways have been targeted in recent months.

Furthermore there are a number of items you can buy in order to protect your van. For example, a simple yet well fitted alarm system will be effective, while an immobiliser will make the van nigh-on impossible to steal. However, neither of these may actually protect the contents of your van.

Protecting the Contents

Now in terms of protecting the contents of your van many cynics may say that Now in terms of protecting the contents of your van many cynics may say that you should simply remove the contents when leaving your van parked somewhere. However, that is a rather impractical suggestion if you’re driving from job to job carrying several heavy duty items. So, during times when you are unable to simply remove all the items from the back of your van, what is the best way to protect them?

Well, for a start, it’s a good idea to fit deadbolts. There are a couple of different types available, such as a mechanical key operated deadbolt or alternatively a remote controlled deadbolt. Both these can be fitted to the rear or side doors of your van and they are also tamper proof. They therefore offer great security.

IIn addition, you can also add a slam lock. Slam locks automatically lock and secure the door when closed and thus offer much improved security for van drivers that are constantly on the move from job to job.

There are so many different ways to protect your van, make sure you choose the one that suits you best!

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