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Keeping Safe – There are a lot of things many drivers neglect in their day-to-day van driving, something that could not only put their van at risk but their lives too. It is a fact of life that accidents are going to happen on the road – and given the weight and handling of vans compared to smaller vehicles it makes it a little bit more likely to occur with a van. However, being mindful of all the rules and procedures of the road, and taking extra care when driving can vastly reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. There are also certain technological steps you can take to improve your safety on the road.

Ways to stay safe on the road

There are a number of things that either an employer of an individual can do to help cement their safety on the roads.

– Install parking sensors: parking sensors can help to eliminate the small scratches and bumps that so often occur when parking. Though you often don’t have to pay out too much for these, it saves you the hassle of contacting your insurance company.

– Keep the van maintained regularly: as many vans used in a commercial capacity are getting through thousands of miles a year, it is extremely important to keep the van in excellent condition to avoid accidents.

– Telematics system: keeping an eye on the practices of your drivers can help you determine whether an accident was just bad luck, or if the erratic and reckless driving behaviour of a driver was always going to lead to an accident.

– Install ESC: Electronic Stability Control has been heralded as the greatest safety invention since the seatbelt. ESC helps to reduce skidding on the vehicle by automatically levelling you out. For moving vehicles of such a large weight as vans can be, skidding can be a real danger and something extremely difficult to control once it occurs.

How costly can an accident be?

The immediate cost of an accident can be your life – either an injury, permanent disability, or death. Though there have been strides made in safety technology over the decades, there are still over 35,000 deaths on the road in Europe, showing how hazardous the road really can be. Then there is the issue of your insurance, with a costly premium possibly awaiting you. Not only this, but once you have had an accident, expect your commercial vehicle insurance to rise significantly because of this. So when all is considered, purchasing the necessary technology is definitely worth the money, not only for the well-being of you and your staff, but also to avoid any costly insurance claims.

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