The RightSure Blog – Chocolates? Flowers? Jewellery? Insurance?

Ok, so maybe insurance isn’t the most romantic gift you can give this Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s not romantic at all. However, it’s worth keeping it in mind, especially if you gave/received jewellery for this time of year.

A recent Allianz research poll found that more than one in four women can expect to receive jewellery as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

What you may not know, that although jewellery is covered by contents insurance, it isn’t in the event you should lose it outside of your home. Jewellery losses are among the most common of all homeowners content related claims. With wedding and engagement rings being worn all the time, it is worth considering the purchase of extra cover to protect these valuable items. Alan Gairns, Allianz’s product manager advise “With an item of jewellery you wear a lot, like an engagement ring, it makes sense to extend the cover to the outside of the home. As we found many people take their jewellery off when they go swimming, participate in sports or go to a Spa.”

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