The RightSure Blog – What is Subsidence?


How to spot the warning signs of subsidence? Subsidence claims tend to rise over summer due to the hot weather. Following extended periods of hot weather and dry spells, our homes are at greater risk. Water pouring into foundations from leaking or collapsed drains is a contributing cause, as is vegetation and extensions built to inadequate standards […]

How much would it cost to insure the Millennium Falcon?


And Is America building a Death Star? Getting car insurance for a young driver can be eye-wateringly high but spare a Getting car insurance for a young driver can be eye-wateringly expensive, but spare a thought for the rogue smuggler who commands a ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. It’s safe […]

The RightSure Blog – What Are Car Groups?


How Do Car Groups work? Insurance Car Groups should be considered when deciding on your next purchase. Which car groups your vehicle and your insurance fall into is one of the most important rating factors in motor insurance. The ‘ABI Group Rating Panel’ created a system of group ratings for vehicles which put all of […]

The RightSure Blog – The Most Reliable Cars 2015

Given your average mechanic seem to think their hourly rate is justified at anything between £60-£120 per hour, vehicle reliability has become more important to me the older I get and right now, with a 100 mile round trip to and from work. Aside from performance or style choices, we all want our cars to last as […]

The RightSure Blog – Top MOT tips


MOT Tips – It’s about that time of year, your MOT is due on your car or van…Research from the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) state that 40% of cars and half of all vans fail their MOT at the first attempt and more often than not it’ll be something trivial that lets you […]

Upgrading your Alloy Wheels and Tyres

There’s no quicker way to transform the look and feel of your ride than adding a new set of alloy wheels and tires. Whether you’ve got performance on your mind or pure aesthetics, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. From understanding the terminology to the risks involved, we’ve got a guide showing what […]

Tyre checks essential as winter approaches

As the winter weather approaches, drivers who rely on their vehicles will need to carry out tyre checks. Figures provided by motoring breakdown organisations such as the RAC and AA report every year that the biggest cause of call-outs are related to tyres. Van insurance companies who provide breakdown insurance in their policies agree, and point out […]

An outside tap can be handy for the garden

Fitting an outside tap to a property is always a good idea. Watering the garden and cleaning the car suddenly become so much easier. Some basic plumbing skills are needed for the task of fitting an outside tap but it can be accomplished with care. First job is to turn off the water supply. If […]

The Rise of Electric Vehicles


Charging points are popping up everywhere with the use of Electric Vehicles (EV) increasing. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported in August of 2018, the number of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars made up 8% of the overall market. An increase in the total number of vehicles registered, up by […]

The RightSure Blog – Formula G & Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Motorsport – Santa Pod

RightSure Car banner

RightSure Insurance’s sponsored driver, Jake Wrecking Ball Archer was all set to be in action again over the bank holiday weekend as both Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and Formula G came to Santa Pod Raceway for a full-on weekend of tyre shredding. With AWD, RWD and front-wheel drive classes available the events are open to newcomers and welcome new drivers to the competition. There is […]