The RightSure Blog – The Most Reliable Cars 2015

Given your average mechanic seem to think their hourly rate is justified at anything between £60-£120 per hour, vehicle reliability has become more important to me the older I get and right now, with a 100 mile round trip to and from work.

Aside from performance or style choices, we all want our cars to last as long as they can with minimal repair/maintenance cost.

We have a look at the most reliable motors for 2015:

The Japanese manufacturers seem to pull out all the stops when it comes to reliability and sweep the top ten this year, with hybrid and electric cars making an ever-increasing impact on the list, showing the time of change we are currently in. See my blog on the Tesla Developments for both home and car.

1 ) Toyota iQ city car takes the top spot

The chief engineer at Toyota set a brief to design a small city car, based upon the success and principles for the Hybrid Prius, with prices starting as little as £7775 and with either a 1.0litre engine or 1.3 in the IQ3.

2) Lexus NX SUV

Sold for less than a year thus far The Lexus NX SUV sits in second place. Despite the lack of a diesel engine option and a lethargic gearbox, the Lexus NX produces some fantastic reliability reviews. Prices start at £29,495.00

3) Lexus IS saloon

Stylish with hybrid technology – add reliable into the mix and we’ve got a winning combination.  Prices start at £26,495 and the IS Saloon is a worthy vehicle. However, like all Lexus’ you’ll need to give the engine a good revving to get anything from it – A turbocharged petrol model is available for those looking for a more spirited drive.

4) Hyundai i10 hatchback

The award-winning Hyundai i10 nabs fourth place – The i10 also holds the 2015 Best City Car award, and regularly features in various other top 10 lists. The i10 also has a generous interior, fun to drive and has very low running costs making it a really good vehicle choice for first-time drivers and those with a budget. Prices start at £8,895

5) Honda Jazz hatchback

The 2014 winner of this award Last year, The Jazz has superb build quality and typically robust Honda engineering. Due for replacement in the near future, The Jazz has been around for a while now but still proves to be one of the most practical and spacious superminis on the market. My grandma drives one so whilst I don’t aspire to own one, I do like these myself. Interior quality is good and to this day, has one of the nicest steering wheels I’ve come across.

6) Lexus GS saloon (2005-2011)

Competitor of the mighty M5 BMW (Competitor might not be the most accurate word) But a huge testament to this vehicle as it has not been on sale since 2011 yet of those 60,000 people surveyed they voted this in! Interestingly, the current model fell short and did not appear in the top twenty. Prices started from £31,650 when new but can be found for as little as £3000-£4000.

7) Toyota RAV4 SUV

Built by the same people and using the same parts It shouldn’t surprise you to see the Toyota RAV4 scoring similarly well to the Lexus NX. Starts at £22,795.

8) Nissan Leaf hatchback

Best selling all-electric car in the world.  0-60 it’s quicker than a VW Golf BlueMotion and has a battery life of over 100 miles making this an ideal vehicle for running around town but with that short mileage capability maybe as a second car. Pricing I felt was high but whole life costs would be significantly low. Starting from £30,395.

9) Kia Picanto hatchback

Another small city car! Based on the Hyundai i10, a very cheap, reliable and fun car. Easy to park, comfortable on the road and Kia’s seven-year warranty (!) Prices start at a very competitive £8,145.

 10) SEAT Leon hatchback

And last on the top ten, the first real all-rounder in the Seat Leon Hatchback. Shared parts from the VW Golf which came in way down the list! This vehicle has the quality from VW at a more competitive price – with prices starting from £17,700.

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