Could you manage without your tools?

Covers your tools in transit enabling you to get on with your business.

Why do I need Tool Cover?

Tool cover to replace your tools if they become lost, stolen or damaged whilst in your motor vehicle. Cover for theft or damage to your tools following a break-in to your vehicle during the day. 

Tools included in the cover are: 

  • Handheld tools
  • Power tools
  • Plant equipment
  • Personal and hired tools

What does Tool Insurance cover?

A full breakdown of what is covered by 

  • We will insure your tools in transit up to a maximum value, which can be found in your Schedule of Insurance.
  • Cover commences when the property is lifted by you or your employees immediately prior to loading and continues until the property is placed in position (excluding erection, dismantling, or installation) by you or an authorized person at a destination including loading and unloading.
  • If your tools in transit are stolen, destroyed or damaged whilst in your motor vehicle, we will replace them.
  • If your tools in transit are stolen, destroyed or damaged during loading or unloading from your motor vehicle we will replace them.
  • We will either provide replacement tools in transit in the event of a claim or may, at our discretion, financially reimburse you for the value of your tools in transit.
  • This cover is limited to two claims in any 12 month period.

What Tool Insurance does not cover?

  • Any claim where you are unable to provide a purchase or hire receipt.
  • An excess fee for each claim made depending on the maximum value of tools in transit cover purchased and as shown on your Schedule of Insurance:

Sum Insured

(Up to)

  • Your tools in transit are not covered for theft or attempted theft from any unattended motor vehicle where the motor vehicle has been left unattended and you have not checked the motor vehicle or your tools in transit for more than 48 hours.
  • Loss, theft or damage of any sheet ropes, packing materials, securing chains or toggles
  • Loss, theft or damage caused by you deliberately damaging or neglecting the tools in transit
  • Damage arising from wear & tear, depreciation, deterioration, mildew, moth, vermin, manufacturer and/or latent defects, mechanical or electrical breakdown, failure unless external damage has occurred.
  • Theft of laptops and/or mobile phones and/or any other mobile communications equipment.
  • Theft of any money, securities, jewellery or anything other than your tools in transit
  • Any expense incurred as a result of not being able to use the tools in transit or any loss other than the repair or replacement costs of the tools in transit.
  • Tools in transit whilst being towed in its a own wheels or being driven under its own power
  • Any loss or damage other than the cost of replacing the tools in transit, arising from theft or from any other cause whatsoever.
  • Liability of whatsoever nature arising from ownership or use of the tools in transit, including any illness or injury resulting from it.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) where you are registered with HM Revenue and Customs for VAT.
  • Any damage to the vehicle carrying the tools in transit Van provided will not be on a like-for-like basis

Do I need Tool Cover?

Would you be able to trade if you didn’t have your tools? How long could you afford to operate as a business without your tools and equipment?

According to recent research by Ironmongery Direct, in 2020 and 2021, 58,833 tools were reported as stolen, with London’s Metropolitan Police Service reporting the majority. 

A tool cover will replace your tools and equipment if they become lost, stolen or damaged. Can you afford not to take out tool cover? If the answer is no, then give one of our friendly Van and Tool Insurance specialists a call.

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