Home Emergency protection for your property

Don’t get stuck with burst pipes, boiler problems or blocked drains.

What is Home Emergency Cover?

Home Emergency Cover is a type of insurance that covers urgent repairs or faults at home. For instance, if your central heating packs up or if you have a break-in, then home emergency cover is there to fix it.

This type of insurance pays out for the initial call-out and repairs but not for any damage caused by the incident. Claims of this nature would be made through your buildings or contents insurance.

What is covered by Home Emergency Insurance?

If you need to claim home emergency coverage, RightSure is here to help. Here is a breakdown of what is covered:

  • We will pay up to a maximum of £500 for any one claim, including VAT, call-out charges, labour, parts and materials.
  • Burst pipes or sudden leakage are likely to cause damage to your home and its contents.
  • A break-in or vandalism that has been reported to the police, which compromises the security of your home (crime reference number should be obtained)
  • Failure or damage to underground drains or sewers.
  • Failure of your hot water heater.
  • Total failure of your central heating involving a boiler or warm air unit that causes unreasonable discomfort or risk of frost damage.
  • A leak caused by a smashed toilet bowl, cistern, or internal cistern mechanism that prevents flushing and if no other toilet in your home.
  • Pest infestation, removal of wasp nests, field and house mice, or brown rats within the main building of your premises.
  • Missing or repositioned roof tiles likely to cause damage to your home and its contents.

What is not covered by Home Emergency Insurance?

  • It’s best to be aware of what is not covered. Not every emergency is covered and does not include normal day-to-day maintenance, which you should carry out. 

    • Any emergency, loss or damage arising from faults, damage, or infestation you were aware of at the time you took out the policy.
    • Dripping taps, results of hard water scaling deposits, burst or leaking flexible hoses, slow seepage, leaking overflows, blocked or misaligned guttering, and damage to boundary walls, hedges, or fences.
    • Blockage of soil or waste pipes from sinks, basins, bidets, baths or showers
    • In connection with the boiler or warm air unit: any boiler or warm air unit over 10 years old, fuel lines, including gas leaks, any relighting of the pilot light, radiator valves, boiler or system noise.
    • Breakdown of, loss or damage to Saniflow toilets and other mechanical equipment.
    • Failure of any service where the problem is situated outside the boundary of the plot or land on which your home is situated.
    • Any damage caused by the pests or infestations or by their removal.
    • Pest infestations in the gardens or outbuildings
    • Breakage of internal glass or doors.
    • Vandalism caused by your tenant or anyone staying at the property with your permission.


    Don’t forget to check your policy documents for a full list of what is and isn’t covered by the policy.

Do I need Home Emergency Insurance?

Home Emergency Cover is not compulsory. However, as a homeowner, it is certainly worth considering adding to your policy for peace of mind. It’s worth noting that the call out charge for an out-of-hours plumber is on average £110 across the UK. And that is before you factor in labour and parts. 

Naturally, we hope you never need to make a claim. Relax, safe in the knowledge that an emergency is covered, and that you have RightSure on your side.

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