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Driving Other Vehicles/Third Party Cover
The driving other cars (DOC Cover) section of your car policy allows the policyholder to be covered driving a car which is not owned by, registered, or leased to them.

The first very important thing to consider is that it only covers the policyholder and does not apply to any named drivers.

The cover provided is third party only, meaning any damage caused by the driver to the vehicle they are travelling in is not covered.

It really is only to in place in emergency cases. And only applicable to those who conform to:

  • The car does not belong to the driver and is not hired to them under a hire purchase agreement.
  • The car is being driven with the owners expressed consent.
  • The policyholder still has their vehicle and it has not been ‘written-off’.
  • The policyholder is aged 25 or over.
  • The policyholder’s specific motor insurance certificate expressly stipulates they have the driving other cars extension.
  • The vehicle they are looking to drive is itself insured.
  • The policyholder’s occupation is not connected with the motor trade or occupation which requires them to regularly drive other vehicles.
  • The driving other cars extension cannot be used to secure the release of a vehicle which has been seized by the authorities for being used, or driven, on the roads without any valid insurance.

Van and commercial vehicle policies tend not to include this cover due to the variation in commercial vehicles and the opportunity to use the vehicles for commercial use.

Double-check with your insurance provider if you have any questions regarding this – Its a little more complex than just hopping into a vehicle and driving it without due consideration to the information above.

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