The RightSure Blog – Cancelling car insurance? What to expect

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Cancelling car insurance? What to expect So, you’ve just arranged your car insurance, only to discover a cheaper deal on offer from a rival firm. Is cancelling car insurance an option? What about when you want to sell your car but you’re only halfway through your car insurance policy’s year-long cover? Can you get your money back if […]

The RightSure Blog – Protected No Claims – Is It Worth It?


Protected No Claims – Is It Worth It? No claims discount (NCD) or No Claims Bonus (NCB) is arguably the most influential factors when it comes to rating your insurance policy, resulting in big discounts from insurers – up to 70% in some cases. It is a discount which a driver accrues for every year they […]

The RightSure Blog – Insurance The Basics Classes Of Use


Motor Insurance: Classes of Use Social, Domestic and Pleasure This is the most common class of use applicable to nearly all policies.  Cover includes any social use of the vehicle, for example, shopping, the school run or visiting relatives. Social, Domestic, Pleasure & Commuting As above, with the addition of commuting to one fixed place of work (or […]

Your Excess Explained


Your policy excess is the first amount of any claim that is paid by the policyholder.  Excesses can be compulsory (imposed by the insurer) and voluntary (an additional amount, dictated by the policyholders, usually used to drive your annual premium down). All car insurance policies will include a policy excess that will be applied to […]

RightSure sponsors Jake ‘Wrecking Ball’ Archer!

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World-class AWD Gymkhana driver Jake Archer, fortunately, didn’t live up to his ‘Wrecking Ball’ nickname when he drove his 500bhp Classic Subaru Impreza Wagon at full throttle around the Nankang Tyre UK warehouse earlier this year. The Birmingham based athlete has been competing in the Gymkhana Grid series alongside Monster Energy athlete Ken Block, in 2014 […]

The RightSure Blog – Third Party Cover


Driving Other Vehicles/Third Party CoverThe driving other cars (DOC Cover) section of your car policy allows the policyholder to be covered driving a car which is not owned by, registered, or leased to them. The first very important thing to consider is that it only covers the policyholder and does not apply to any named […]

The RightSure Blog – Fuel Price Reduction The Bigger Picture


Diesel fuel drops below £1 per litre! By now, I’m sure you are all aware of the drop in fuel pricing we have all seen as we enter 2016 – About time I hear you cry! So clearly it is a great thing to finally have the price of fuel drop to a level we […]

House Price Increases


House prices are going to continue to rise, buying will see an increase of 50% and rent to increase by 25% over the next ten years… Following on from my recent blog post questioning if there was light at the end of the tunnel for those trying to get on the property ladder – a […]

Offences Conviction Codes Penalty Points


Accident offences Code Offence Points Years on licence AC10 Failing to stop after an accident 5-10 4 from offence date AC20 Failing to give particulars or report an accident within     24 hours 5-10 4 from offence date AC30 Undefined accident offences 4-9 4 from offence date Disqualified driver Code Offence Points Years on licence BA10 […]