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The RightSure Blog – Prepare for winter weather now

With the great majority of motorists experiencing their first week of night driving on the way home from work this year, after the clocks were turned back an hour at the weekend, the realisation that winter is upon us will suddenly have hit home. Many drivers in the south of the country found themselves trying to manoeuvre their cars in snow and ice for the first time last year and the experience was not pleasant.

Warm weather can end any time now

Although temperatures are still more like early autumn, the fact that Bonfire night is this coming weekend should be enough to remind drivers that winter weather can now be upon us at any time. After last year’s miserable, freezing winter that caught many motorists out now is the time to be prepared for the coming months.

Breakdowns can happen to anyone

First of all, motorists should check they have breakdown cover, most car insurance brokers can now arrange for breakdown cover to built into a normal motor insurance quote, but if it isn’t on yours make sure you arrange cover with one of the big motoring organisations. After last year’s winter, many motorists will now realise that breaking down can be entirely out of their own hands but it still won’t hurt to prepare for all eventualities.

Check, check and check again

Drivers should check their tyres, oil and fuel levels before each journey, they should let someone know where they are heading if bad weather is forecast and their car should contain several important items, including; warm clothing, a torch, mobile phone, and some sort of food and drink, a flask of soup is ideal. In the boot of the car the driver should have a shovel of some kind, many drivers found themselves in snowdrifts last year. De-icing kits and scrapers are a must and Wellington boots or some other sort of strong footwear should also be carried. Spare oil and fuel will also be carried by some.

Be prepared

It does seem a lot of fuss just for a car journey but just cast your mind back to last winter and the number of people who were stuck in their cars overnight and remember most of these items apart from the perishable goods only need packing once.

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