Is Your Car Winter Ready?

Rain, snow and longer periods of darkness can make driving during the winter more hazardous. In recent years, extreme weather has seen an increase with it showing no signs of letting up. Stay safe and make sure you are prepared well in advance. During these times, roadside assistant services see an increase in the number of callouts due to breakdowns. Make sure your car is winter ready!


•It’s worth making sure that your vehicle is fully serviced before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

•Many auto centres offer a winter vehicle check, in some cases, they offer them free of charge. So have a look around and book in advance.

•Be prepared for a breakdown. Keep warm clothes, a torch, bottles of water, some energy bars and a few basic tools in case of emergency.

•For longer journeys, extra clothing, a fully charged phone and a flask of warm drink.

•Insurance – Ensure that you have the right level or cover. We’re here to help. 

Driving Tips

•Make sure your car is clear of ice and snow before driving off. Doing so can void your insurance if you get into an accident or land you with a £60 fine and three points.

•Fill up – Don’t let your fuel tank get too low as driving in difficult conditions can take longer than usual.

•Plan ahead – Make sure you know where you are going and if there are any road closures.

•Check for weather updates – The Met Office is the best place for any updates due to poor weather. Don’t forget, as well as checking for the area you are currently in, to check your destination.

•Main Roads – Stick to main highways and roads. They are normally kept clear due to being gritted. If the worst should happen, your breakdown service should be able to reach you easily.

•Flooding – If you are unsure how deep the water is, don’t risk it. Doing so can damage your vehicle and put your life at risk.

•Wind – Avoid high bridges, especially if you are driving a high-sided vehicle.

•Fog – Turn on your cars fog lights to help with visibility. Stopping distances will be increased.

•Low sunshine – We’ve all been there, turned a corner and *bam* low sunshine. Keep a pair of sunglass in your vehicle.

And finally, make sure your insurance protects you, should the worst happen. With optional extras such as emergency breakdown cover to help you when you need it most.

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