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Many fireworks displays have been cancelled for a second year running, due to the ongoing pandemic. Local displays usually attract thousands to their events and often raise valuable funds for a number of charities. However, organisers are citing the reason for cancellation is due to covid safety concerns.

With organised local displays being cancelled, you may decide to hold your own private fireworks display for friends and family. The perfect evening of being surrounded by loved ones, being able to nip indoors when it gets too cold outside and no queue for the toilets! But have you considered your home insurance? 

Home Insurance, we hear you ask. One thing you probably haven’t factored into the planning of your fireworks and bonfire display. And it may seem a little bit extreme, but stick with us and we’ll go over why you might need to check your policy documents or look to get some further protection.

Picture the scene, the kids are enjoying a sparkler, your partner is on their 2nd or 5th glass of Pino, and you’ve just lit ‘The Tornado Big One’ that you’ll hope will wow your guests. Part of the firework, flies toward the fence and sets it alight, causing a considerable amount of damage. Would your home insurance cover your (or your neighbor's) fence for the cost of replacing it?

Even worse, if it injures a friend or family member, would the damages be covered?

First of all, don’t panic. We’re about to go over what you may or may not be covered for. As always, if there is something you’re not sure about, then always check the wording in your policy document, or contact our friendly customer service team by clicking here.


Will my home insurance cover my fireworks/bonfire night party? 

The good news is that most home insurance policies should cover you if you need to make a claim in regards to damage caused to your property. As mentioned previously, it is always best to check the wording in your policy document. Alternatively, contact your broker or insurer to double-check it. 


Am I covered if someone gets injured at my fireworks/bonfire night party?

According to NHS Digital, nearly 2,000 people visited A&E as a result of fireworks in 2018/19. But what if one of your guests becomes injured at your fireworks or bonfire night party? 

Most buildings and contents will include a level of indemnity for public liability claims. When you take out a policy, the limit will be quoted in the summary. If you already have building and contents insurance, then check your policy document or speak to your insurance broker.

How to stay safe if you’re planning a fireworks/bonfire night? 

Here are a few ways you can keep your friends and family safe this fireworks/bonfire night.



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