Protecting Your Valuables with RightSure

Everyone has items both in and outside their homes that they want to protect. In fact, an increasing amount of people have high-value items in their homes and vehicles such as electronics which are attractive to burglars as they are portable and small enough to walk off with. Whether it’s a phone in your home or tools in your van you should make sure that you have the right amount of cover to help you protect your valuables…

Securing your home

An obvious start to keeping your home secure is making sure all your doors and windows are locked when you aren’t in or are sleeping. Even though this may be an obvious statement there are still a large number of people that make this mistake. Don’t forget to also not leave any expensive belongings on display to passers-by as it makes them more attractive to potential thieves.

A clever way to keep your belongings safe is to make a list of expensive items in your home, especially cherished and treasured items that you could never get back. Pictures of these items can also come in handy in the event of a police investigation after a burglary.

You could also lock your valuables that are small and easy to carry (i.e. jewellery or cash) away so that burglars can’t easily grab them if they manage to gain access to your home. If an item is easily sellable it becomes even more attractive to a burglar, so marking any valuables with a name or postcode may also put them off.

Last but not least, make sure you have a suitable home insurance policy in case a burglary ever occurs. If you don’t have the extensive cover you could end up losing thousands of pounds as well as some potentially irreplaceable items, so make sure you check your policy today!

Securing your Car

As with your home, you shouldn’t leave any valuables on show in your car so make sure you store them in the glove box or even better, take them inside your home. Furthermore, don’t give thieves any idea that you may have valuables in your car by not leaving charger cables or Sat Nav cradles on show. Make sure you also wipe away any marks that your Sat Nav or phone cradle may have made and always make sure your car alarm is working

It is also essential that you lock your car at all times and make sure your windows and sunroof are completely shut – leaving them even slightly open will allow thieves to work their way in. If you don’t lock your car it may also void your insurance meaning you won’t be able to claim for any missing goods. Car insurance can also cover you for theft so ensure you get an extensive policy that will help you should the worst happen.

Securing your Van

Standard van security practices are sometimes not enough to protect the equipment kept inside your vehicle. Most experienced thieves will know standard van security practices inside-out which is why you will need to upgrade your security especially if you have expensive tools and equipment stored in your van. For example, you can fit your van with deadlocks which add extra protection or slam locks that engage automatically when a door or hatch is closed. Covering your windows with grilles will really deter burglars as it means there will be almost no way for them to get in.

Emptying your van at night is also important as this is the prime time for burglars to carry out thefts. You can also get stickers for your van which state: ‘No tools or equipment are left in this van overnight’ which can also help put thieves off.

Securing your Property Investments

As a landlord, your most valuable assets are the properties that you own, which is why it’s essential you have the right level of cover for your business. However, by following best practices you will also be able to cut down the chances of anything going wrong.

Look out for any damages caused by tenants or problems that they may be causing with their neighbours or the community. Landlord insurance can cover most issues you may have with your tenants, the contents of your property and more, however, it’s always best to try and avoid them in the first place.

As a landlord, your livelihood depends on your property portfolio, and with the right level of landlord insurance and some savvy know-how, you will be able to keep your income secure.

If you stick to all these security measures you should have no problem with thieves but remember to take all the necessary precautions because insurance can’t cover everything especially if you leave your front door open!

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