The RightSure Blog – Any Driver Cover On Your Insurance Policy?

Its fairly likely that you will know who is going to be driving your car over the next twelve months of your insurance policy, partners & family tend to be popular choices. However for those in a position of not knowing you can purchase an Any Driver Policy – literally opening up your insurance policy so anyone can drive your vehicle, with your permission. Whilst this might sound like a good option, both the authorities and insurers aren’t keen on providing this type of cover. In the event of an incident, identifying the driver at the time can be difficult and so it is, therefore, an expensive extension to your policy.

As a comparison we looked at a test quote, using the same details throughout but amending the driver types from a single policyholder, adding three named drivers (typically the most an insurer will allow) and then an Any Driver policy, the quote prices increased over each with a significant increase for the Any Driver quote.

  • Policyholder only: £198.00
  • Three Named Drivers: £402.00
  • Any Driver Over 25: £796.00

Prices quoted will depend on the individual characteristics of those drivers being added.

We’d tend to advise taking out an Any Driver policy only if required – perhaps for commercial use, like a local business with a large number of employees, or high turnover, or a fast-food delivery company who own a delivery vehicle and want cover so any of the employees can drive if needed. Driving instructors will use this policy as it allows them to take their pupils out without having to speak with their insurer on a daily basis!

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