The RightSure Blog – 10 Cars For Less Than £2000


Feeling the pinch after the festive break? As a car enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for a bargain and with each new generation of cars released, the older models drop in price. And you can get an awful lot of car for your money these days, with the way in which vehicles are […]

The RightSure Blog – Autosport International 2016

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Autosport International 2016 We had the pleasure of being invited to the Autosport International Motorshow 2016, held at the NEC last weekend. The drive from Tolworth, Surrey up to Birmingham was one of excitement and anticipation as I headed towards the first motor show of the year! Whilst the show seemed smaller this year than in previous […]

The RightSure Blog – Iconic Sports Cars

As a child of the eighties, I grew up around some truly great sports cars of the motor industry… I got a bit nostalgic and decided to look back at the vehicles that fueled my passion for the automotive industry, new and old. You may not agree with them all but these ten cars stand […]

Tips For Moving Home


Having moved house recently, moving home resonates with me. Moving from one rented property – An apartment into a bigger flat I only really experienced the physical stress of moving home rather than the full spectrum of emotions relating to buying and selling a property. Needless to say, buying or renting, its hard work and […]

The Costs Of Renting


If you think buying is tough – Can you afford to rent? House prices rising and the deposit you need bigger than ever, despite the schemes developed here in the UK for many, the possibility of owning their own home seems an endless uphill struggle. Life renting is the only other option yet due to […]

Can The Housing Market Be Improved Upon This Year?


The housing market. It is not looking great, the rich keeping buying and those attempting to get onto the property ladder continue to find it difficult to do so. The Conservatives are seemingly trying to create a host of schemes to help, but do they cut it and what can we expect to see going forward? […]

The RightSure Blog – Tesla Model S Test Driven


Tesla is a fascinating company – I remember first hearing about their electric vehicles many years ago thinking it’ll be a fly by idea and Tesla would be a name long forgotten once their initial budget ran out – How wrong could I be! Despite the media storm the BMW I8 created, Tesla is working on something […]

The RightSure Blog – Ford Focus Zetec Compared To Vauxhall Astra GTC


We put a 2010 Ford Focus Zetec up against a 2013 Vauxhall Astra GTC, road-tested over a two week period. Given the exact same driving conditions, read on to see which takes our crown. Ford Focus Zetec Hatchback 5dr (2010) – MPG – 42mpg Insurance Group 10 Engine Size 1596cc 4 Cylinder 0-60mph – 11.5 seconds 98 […]