The RightSure Blog - Spring Clean – Home Hacks to help with that clear out

With spring seemingly upon us and our winter, all but none existent – We’ve got January out of the way (well done you!) So is it too early to start thinking about that Spring clean out.

I’ve been trawling through some ideas to find some really quite amazing little tips that cost very little or anything to help around your home.

  1. Remember those old Tape things…Sadly I do all too well. Combine new with old, using your old tape cases as a mobile phone stand – retro and free!
  2. Or…use your old toiletry bottle to create a plug phone holder!
  3. Genuinely useful – none of us like getting the hoover out for those drill holes – fold a post-it note in half and stick it under the area you are drilling to collect dust.
  4. Pet owners? Use a squeegee to collect hair and fluff from the carpet – the rubber instantly pulls most up.
  5. You must have had a screw with a worn screw pattern…line it with an elastic band to use it again or to get it out!
  6. Have you got more towels than you do a bottle of wine? Covert your wine rack into a towel holder
  7. You can use these for pretty much anything but in this case – coat hooks can help store your ironing board.
  8. Genius – Put hinges on a canvas print to hide your thermostat behind!
  9. These foam swimming supports can save the day if parking your car in a narrow garage!
  10. Clever knife storage – use coloured sticks to add a bit style.
  11. Toilet rolls to keep those pesky wires at bay – one of my personal favourites!
  12. And lastly – keep those charge leads close at hand using some bulldog clips – simply but oh so effective!

Now you’ve been inspired, get cracking on that spring clean!

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